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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Bloc this

The Toronto Star is a titch agitated that the Bloc might support a Conservative minority government. Ah well. But there is an interesting quote from Duceppe in today's Globe,
Mr. Duceppe said his party has never discussed the possibility of a minority government with the Conservatives, and particularly not with the Liberals, their biggest rival.

But he acknowledged that he has begun to examine scenarios where the Bloc would decide who would form the next government.

"We are Quebec's ally," Mr. Duceppe said. "We will support all that is good for Quebec and we will oppose all that is bad for Quebec regardless of the party involved."

Mr. Duceppe suggested that the Bloc would oppose the Conservative Party's proposal to increase spending on the military, as well as many of their social policies. However, Mr. Duceppe noted that the Conservatives share the Bloc's point of view on the fiscal imbalance between Ottawa and the provinces.
globe and mail
Other than making the need to achieve a majority all the more apparent Duceppe makes it plain the BQ has a price.

Now, I wonder if Harper will be willing to, for example, leave Canadian troops ill-equiped, in order to meet Duceppe's terms. In the last few years, leaving aside issues of soverignty, Quebec has shifted in the direction of Old Europe. Arguably the reason why Canada did not send at least a token force to Iraq was Quebec public opinion. So can Harper ride that tiger to power and then figure out a graceful way of getting off?

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