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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Caring and Sharing

Not noticing the overwhelmingly male nature of the Liberal caucus - but only the sensitive type of man like Bill "Our Lady Peace" Graham - the Liberals' panic attacks continue:
"In one week [the Conservatives have] managed to reopen debates that are closed, debates that hurt, debates that put into question the issue of social peace," said Ms. Frulla, who is social development minister.

Liberal values on social issues are also "feminine values," she said, while the Conservative philosophy is "much closer" to the American system where "it's each to their own."

Ms. Frulla said that, in addition, the Conservatives' "moral vision" would be so badly received in Quebec that it could bring the country's survival into play.
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Those big, scary, hairy, macho Conservatives. If they win Sheila and Ms. Frulla are going to have hissy fits for the duration. No one will notice the difference.

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