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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Dare we say....ROUT

Well, not yet...but as my friend Raymond Tomlin at Vancouver Ramblings seems to like SES/CPAC polling I am sure he'll be elated to see that the overnight puts the Tories 4 points up over the Liberals nationally. 35/31

And, this just in from Inkless Wells,
Here's a nugget from Michel David's column: Bloc Québécois campaigners have started calling Jean Lapierre "Comical Ali."
Paul Wells

What it comes down to is that no one is buying the Liberal two-step on Adscam and the rest of the sleeze. Nor are they terrified of Harper as a fundamentalist fanatic. As the two-step and the tar brush seem to be all that the Grits have to offer it may be time for the "R" word.

Update: As Raymond and I both live on the Left Coast, the regional is also interesting: In BC SES has the Liberals at 31, Conservatives at 37 and the NDP at 26. That is 8 points up for the Conservatives from May 30 and down 3 each for the NDP and the Grits.