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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Dead Heat

Proving that going negative can pay off the overnights at SES have the Conservatives at 34% and the Grits at 33 going into tonight's French language debate.

Tonight is really irrelevant in most repects. So long as Harper can speak French, which he can rather well, he comes out looking Prime Ministerial. Meanwhile Martin will take a punching on AdScam and the rest of the sleeze. The point being that the French language debate will really only effect Quebec where, at most, half a dozen seats might change hands depending on Martin's performance. The Conservatives are unlikely to win any so it is really between the Bloc and the Liberals.

In a wider context the French language debates can boost Harper if he meets even the low expectations set for him. Being Canada we want our Prime Minister to be able to use both Official languages. If Harper meets that challenge it is probably worth a point or two in the rest of Canada.