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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Father's Day at the Beach

A perfect day with Sam wading in surprisingly warm water and Max discovering thatsand is not something you eat.

In a very few days Canada is going to vote. At the moment the race is close with the Liberals running a negative campaign and the Conservatives looking a bit as if they could break through and win a majority.

As I wandered along the empty beach it occured to me just how blessed Canada actually is. While I have no love for the Liberals I know that if they are elected they are unlikely to ruin the nation. The Tories, well I don't like them much either; but they are not going to bring Canada to an end.

The most significant issue in the campaign is the one almost no on talks about - have the Liberals earned another mandate or has the corruption and the assumption of a divine right to govern simply become entrenched?

I believe the Liberals need to spend some time, say a decade, in Opposition. They need to in order to hear what the people of Canada really want from their politicians. They need to so they can decide whether they really want people like Carolyn Parrish in their party. They need to be out of power so they can learn that Canadians expect honesty, integrity and fairness from their government.

The Conservatives need to spend some time in office, say a decade, to remember the responsibilities of power. Harper will make a fine Prime Minister now, he will be a better one with four years of experience. The Tories in office will have to come to grips with the essential contradiction in their party between the social conservatives and the more libertarian economic conservatives. They need the experience of actually delivering, rather than promising, balanced budgets.

Whether there is a minority Conservative or Liberal government or a majority Tory administration I am inclined to think Canada will be fine.

The one outcome which would be disasterous would be a Liberal majority government because there will be no incentive for the Liberals to learn what they need to or opportunity for the Tories to gain the experience so essential to a governing party.

Fortunately, the chance of a Liberal majority is slim.