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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



From David Frum's Diary,
Canada's governing (but maybe not for long!) Liberals have just released their election platform. Among the promises: funds to recruit 8,500 additional service personnel for Canada's ailing military. But wait! How does this promise jibe with the Liberals' attacks on Conservative leader Stephen Harper as "un-Canadian" for his earlier commitment to strengthen the Forces? Answer - the Liberals promise that the additional 8,500 will be formed into a special brigade dedicated to "peace support."
david frum
This is the all things to all people gambit. War if necessary but not necessarily war to paraphrase WLM-K. The more conservative Canadians are supposed to be happy that Martin, after starving the Canadian forces for years, is going to pony up some money. The friends and supporters of Lloyd Axworthy and the peacenik fringe of the Left are supposed to be relieved that this brigade will do nice things like "peace support."

In fact it is nothing more than transparent pandering and both right and left will see it for what it is.