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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Form a Circle, Ready, Aim, Fire

She made a plea for the party to stop policy talk and show its “heart and soul” for the rest of the campaign, which hit its mid-point Wednesday.

Mr. Martin, when asked about Ms. Parrish, said the campaign is right on track with its focus on the Liberal economic program and its discussion of social issues.

“The campaign has been a comedy of errors,” she told CBC Radio in an interview that was broadcast Wednesday “It is like the Keystone Kops running around.”
globe and mail
Outstanding! Carolyn Parrish was always on my top ten list of dolts in Parliament and she is ensuring she stays there. So let's all get with the program, stop talking about all this policy BS and emote.

You'll remember Ms. Parrish last made headlines with her immortal line, Damn Americans, I hate those bastards.” As some parents say to their three year olds "Good emoting there Carolyn.

It is exactly this sort of person who Canadian voters are looking forward to getting rid of.

[via shotgun and the ever valuable Let it Bleed]

Update: Polspy on Ms. Parrish "PolSpy’s patron saint, our Heroine du Jour" It just keeps getting better.