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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The Furies

There would be nothing better for the Harper campaign than for Carolyn Bennett,Judy Erola and Monique Begin to be quoted extensively on abortion. Well, ok, Sheila too.

Pro-choice as I am I do not see abortion as a glorious right which crowned Canadian women's full status as citizens. Nor, frankly, do I think many other Canadians are elated about our current abortion law - that's to say we have none.

The Grits are scraping the bottom of a rather shallow barrel by trotting out these battle axes to extoll the virtues of one of the great tragedies of a woman's life. Especially has not said that the Conservatives would bring in new abortion laws. All he has said is that he would allow a free vote if a private members bill made it to the floor of the Commons....very scary.