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How the Liberals are Losing

Bree is a young, reflective and almost painfully contemplative Vancouver blogger.
As long as I have been aware of Canadian politics, it has been Liberal. Because of that, I instinctively mistrust the Conservatives, particularly now that they're run by the Alliance. My Canada is a Liberal Canada. I like this Canada. I don't want it to change too much.

But I'm not a Liberal, per se. And even though I fear the change a Conservative government might wreak, even I have to admit the Liberals appear ossified. Canada is weary of them, and is just about ready to give another party a try. Recent opinion polls actually show the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals in popular support, albeit not by much. More telling, the Conservative support is growing slowly but steadily. Liberal support just keeps on dropping.

I've been reading a Canadian history book lately, and it's easing the butterflies in my tummy. Canada has been Conservative before, and should it go Conservative again this election, maybe that won't be such a bad thing. Fingers crossed.
The scare tactics are not working.