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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Jumping ship

Paul Wells characterizes Se. Anne Cools as a nutcase. I am not so sure. Cools has been instrumental in trying to achieve a balance between the rights of children and their divorcing parents and, as such, ran into a buzz saw of feminist anger. (The woman actually suggested that, perhaps, Dads would be a little more forthcoming with the child support if they had access to the kids...shocking.)

Her reasons for switching parties are interesting:
Anne Cools, a Liberal senator for 20 years with a history of controversy, joined the Conservative party today, saying Prime Minister Paul Martin has dashed her hopes for political renewal.

The 60-year-old Cools, the first black appointed to the Senate, called Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, "Canada's hope for change" in announcing her decision, which she said came after months of thought.

"Like so many Canadians, I had been hopeful that Mr. Martin would initiate a new era, a genesis and renewal in the Liberal government," she said in a statement released by the Tories. "I had hoped for an affirmation of responsible government, diligent stewardship of public moneys and renewed leadership, accountable to elected members and the public, not its paid advisers.
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