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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Martin, the NDP, the Tories and Child Porn

[Coming back from a perfect birthday party at a gorgeous beach thronged with rabidly NDP and Green supporters.]

I'd give the Tory war room (on a scale of 10) 3 for tactics, 0 for taste. The headline writers, 9 for tactics, - 5 for taste.

Pointing out that Martin has voted against the assorted measures to strengthen child porn laws was tactically a no brainer. It makes sense to pay attention to voting records even on routine motions. However, doing that the day after rather than the day before the Holly Jones sentencing hearing was tasteless.

The headline writers are desperate to tar the Conservatives with the "going negative" brush so as to ignore or minimize the fact the entire Liberal campaign has consisted of very little other than saying just how darn scary Harper is. No new ideas, no vision: just the tired French refrain, "Elect the crook not the fascist."

On the actual issue we have wildly restrictive laws governing "child porn". At this point in Canada two fourteen yearolds can have sex legally but if they shoot a Paris Hilton (watch the hits rise) video of themselves they can be charged.

At the same time we allow the endless sexualization of children - see Vogue/Elle etc with 15 year old models dressed erotically, see the teen mags filled with what can only be called the "kinderwhore" look. As a society we have basically said that children are allowed to dress as adults from about ten onwards.

Child pornography is a nasty extension of a rampant sexualization of children. One which is supported and promoted by an entire entertainment/fashion/merchandising ethos devoted to beauty at any cost.

Holly Jones was killed by a man who, long before he started consuming child porn, was already bombarded with legal images of completely sexualized children. I have not heard a word from any party about that nor do I expect to.

Update: Two quotes: Martin
"Martin, meanwhile, is looking for an apology. "His comments were clearly out of line and it is really beyond belief that he doesn't believe just how unacceptable they were," he told reporters Saturday in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que.

The Prime Minister said he has always felt "personally very strongly" about the issue of child pornography. He also said he didn't think there was a political party in this country that wouldn't "pull out all the stops" to ban such material.

Martin said the reason he voted against Conservative legislation on child pornography was because the Liberals had their own legislation and they were focusing on that."

"These are excuses to let child pornography continue. It's an excuse to have weak laws on child porn," Harper said. "We're not going to pussyfoot around this."