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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


No Kyoto

Why does this make me think of "My Sharona". In any case, Harper is ditching Kyoto and not a minute too soon.
"After seven years we have a federal government that still can't tell us how it will implement this accord. I don't believe it can implement it. I don't believe it can achieve the targets. I think we need a more balanced approach to cleaning up our atmosphere, "said Harper.

Harper said the "science is still evolving" and that there may be better ways to clean the air besides cutting greenhouse gas.
Virtually all the science behind Kyoto is open to question and the economics make no sense at all.

There are very good reasons to seek replacements for fossil fuels. Increasing scarcity, pollution, price, geopolitics; but greenhouse gases are far down the list. Harper will take some flack for being this straightforward but it is a stand which people who think seriously about the enviornment will applaud.