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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Old Media death watch

This has been all over the blog world but worth noting:
Beyond politics, news habits are being subtly shaped by some basic preferences and attitudes toward the news. About half (52%) like to get the news at regular times while nearly as many (46%) are "news grazers," who check in on the news from time to time. Grazers are younger, less dedicated to the news, and have an eclectic news diet.

The age gap in newspaper readership continues to widen. Six-in-ten Americans age 65 and older say they read a newspaper on a typical day, compared with just 23% of those under age 30.
I suspect the numbers are similar in Canada.

The point is that there has been a shift comparable to that from print to television and that shift is age skewed. Newspapers as we know them are leaving. Not quickly, but going none the less.

However, I suspect that television as a mass meduim will also shuffle out the door as really highspeed internet and the ability to graze full video and diverse commentary increases.