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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Quagmire Watch

No, not a tie vote in the House of Commons. Remember al Sadr, the Shi'ite radical cleric who was going to set Southern Iraq aflame and humble the United States? Yes, that one....well,
Last week, Sheik al-Sadr surrendered. He called on what was left of his men to cease operations and said he may one day seek public office in a democratic Iraq.
Gen. Hertling said Mahdi's Army is defeated, according the Army's doctrinal definition of defeat. A few stragglers might be able to fire a rocket-propelled grenade, he said, but noted: "Do they have the capability of launching any kind of offensive operation? Absolutely not."
The division estimates it killed at least several thousand militia members.
Gen. Dempsey designed "Iron Saber" based on four pillars: massive combat power; information operations to discredit Sheik al-Sadr; rebuilding the Iraqi security forces that fled; and beginning civil affairs operations as quickly as possible, including paying Iraqis to repair damaged public buildings.
the washington times via instapundit
The hunger for defeat goes unsatiated, again.