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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



Last nights poll puts the Liberals ahead 34/29. SES thinks it is the effect of another round of Liberal attack ads. I am inclined to think it is more than likely a statistical blip. With a 600 person rolling sample any single night is interesting but not all that indicative of direction.

What is true is that the Conservatives have to be ready to run a quick series of waste and corruption ads and soon.

The Liberals, lacking any compelling reason for people to vote for them have run a campaign which has exclusively focused on how bad the Conservatives are. As a holding action it has worked to a degree. Desperate but somewhat effective.

Harper, by taking the high road and keeping positive is answering the Liberals in a way that they cannot answer him. But, hate to say, at some point a campaign has to remind voters of just what a scummy bunch the Liberals have become. It could very well make the difference between a majority and a minority Tory government.