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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



When Mr. Martin tried arguing that Quebec's interests would be best defended with representatives from that province elected under the Liberal banner, Mr. Duceppe reminded him of the sponsorship scandal.

"We saw for 10 years what you did with your elected officials from Quebec," Mr. Duceppe said. "On the question of sponsorships where your caucus decided behind closed doors to grease the pockets of your friends."

Mr. Harper argued that accountability is this election's most pressing issue.

"We have a government that has a track record of incompetence and scandals and wastefulness, which is the worst in the history of this country, and we have to offer a real moderate modern alternative in order to replace this government," Mr. Harper said.
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I didn't watch the French language debate simply because I have no television; but I doubt I would have watched it in any event. How the leaders look is a cottage industry in the press and, no doubt, one which will continue. It isn't one which interests me very much.

The real question is whether or not Martin could overcome the Adscam tarnish and get the election back on his track. From the press reports it does not look as if he did. Shooting at Harper's economics is fine; but it sounds lame when you have presided over the looting of 250 million in Adscam and 2 billion in gun registry.

As Andrew Coyne points out, it is awfully difficult to pose as the champion of fiscal responsibility when you are doling out a billion dollars in corporate pork (a 100 million of which goes to the impoverished Ford Motor company).

However, and here is the rub, the Conservatives are so lily livered that instead of taking this heaven sent opportunity to skewer the Liberals for paying off big buisiness and big labour in Ontario, they come out with a promise to honour the commitments made by the Federal Liberals.

This could be as incisive a moment as the "You could have said no." was in the Turner Mulroney debate. But Harper has to be willing to call a bribe a bribe and use it as one more example of the Liberals pandering and corruption.