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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


denBeste finishes off the Fat Bastard

It is rare for a political faction to be blessed with an opponent who is so charismatic to his fanatical supporters, so repulsive to non-supporters, and so vulnerable to criticism and caricature. I can't think of a high-profile leftist I'd rather have "at the centre of things" than Michael Muqtada al-Moore.
In the end Moore really does not need to be taken on. He pretty much does the job himself. However, denBeste draws the comparison between the Shi'ite fanatics who supported al-Sadr and the looney lefties who are so bereft of leadership they have no choice but to rally round Moore.

As Neil Postman explained at length in “Amusing Ourselves to Death” the effect of television is to eliminate the formality and the logic of print based arguments. For a generation raised on TV the idea of a logically constructed argument, political or otherwise, is often an unknown country. Instead, the cultural and political landscape are moulded by the quick edit and the factoid. Bullet points and PowerPoint dominate discourse.

Moore has mastered the art of the half truth and the telling edit. In this he is using the tools of his culture much as al-Sadr rallied his milita to their deaths using the tools of the Shi'ite martyr cult. Both prey on ignorance. Moore's run is likely to last longer than al-Sadr's. Which denBeste sees as a good thing,
Moore has planted his flag smacko in the middle of the Holy City of anti-Americanism. To defend that position, the LL's will now vocally proclaim something many have long believed but avoided admitting: they hate America and everything it stands for. That is not a message that will sell well to the broad electorate. They will proclaim that they love this nation, but... and then make clear that they despise most of the people who live in it, and despise the very features of this nation that the majority of us see as its greatest virtues. And they will poison the leftist political position even for non-loonie leftists. (Since Moore's supporters constitute a significant base of support for the Democratic Party, they're going to represent an ongoing headache for the Kerry campaign by their antics. And that will force him to continue to equivocate about his position major issues, to avoid alienating them, and at the same time avoid alienating the broad electorate.)
If the Republicans can make Moore rather than Kerry/Edwards the issue - and Billy Crystal comparing 9/11 to Bush's SAT scores is certainly helping - there is very little doubt Bush can win the next election in a walk.

Update: Spinsanity takes on Fahrenheit 9/11. It is not pretty and the Fat Bastard is called out as the distortionist he is.