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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


denBeste's Creed

I am a "Conservative" because I am a classical liberal. I believe in liberating people from unnecessary limits imposed by government or society. My basic view of law is strongly oriented towards the principle of "law of right" over "law of good". I oppose laws which try to enforce "good", and I oppose laws which meddle just for the sake of meddling. We choose to make some kinds of decisions collectively, and we choose to let individuals make other decisions for themselves. Liberals favor letting individuals make such decisions, and only favor collective decisions if the benefit is strong enough to offset the axiomatic harm of reducing liberty for individuals.
denBeste has one half of the conservative/classical liberal equation here. The other half is the implicit humility a conservative feels in the face of having to make a decision on behalf of the rest of society. The roots of conservatism lie in the fact conservatives are very sceptical about the possibility of having enough knowledge to justify abridging human liberty.

How, exactly, would one know if making activity "x" legal or illegal would really be a benefit?