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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


On the Other Hand

If one of those ten year olds comes up with something as clever as this,

Researchers at Rice University, along with a company called Nanospectra Biosciences, have determined that gold-covered nanoparticles, 20 times smaller than a red blood cell, will quickly pool in tumors when injected into the bloodstream. The nanoshells, when illuminated with a near-infrared laser (which otherwise passes harmlessly through living tissue), will heat up sufficiently to incinerate the tumors completely, in every test.
The combination of nanotech with bioengineering and gene therapy may well mean the defeat of cancer and heart disease which will mean the Boomers will be around forever....

Worldchanging is a great site by the way. It combines up to the minute tech news with an economically literate approach to enviornmentalism. Check it out!

Update: Good news from the Monger who happens to be an MD,

As someone with a passing familiarity with this sort of work, I can tell you that the odds of a 10-year-old getting this thing to work are slim: one of the biggest issues in DNA labs is their obsessive cleanliness and orderliness, because stray contaminating DNA can ruin the analysis. I doubt any 10 year old is going to be able to do this sort of work properly.
Of course, a lot of the world's leading software developers, not to mention hackers, got their start on Comodore 64s and Trash-80s. Somehow, fueled by caffine and pizza they came up with virtually every program we have today for no other reason than they could...Biotech geeks scare me witless. Computer geeks traded pictures of girls online, biotech geeks are going to try to make one.