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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Rushing to the FB's Defence

The ever thoughtful Ian Welsh at The Blogging of the President 2004 takes a run at my remarks about Michael Moore as a strategic asset for the Republicans. Ian is always pithy and he suggests that the real liars are not Moore but rather assorted members of the Bush Administration,
Finally when you've hit the point of calling someone "Fat Bastard"... and "distortionist" rather than liar (because in fact the vast majority of what's in f9/11 is fact) then you've got problems.

It's a fact that Bush sat there like a stunned idiot for 7 minutes.

It's a fact that no WMD of any significance was ever found.

It's a fact that the Bush and Bin Laden families have been in bed for decades.

It's a fact that companies that Cheney has a financial interest in have been ripping of the taxpayer in Iraq.
Ian Welsh
Of course Moore is fat and, simply by dishonouring the dead of 9/11 with the title of his movie, not to mention insulting Ray Bradbury, is certainly an honourary bastard in my books.

Substantively, sitting, stunned, for seven minutes is hardly a sign of imbilcility or lack of leadership...what would Ian have had Bush do, grab the football and nuke...well no. The man was stunned and he had to digest the news on camera in front of a bunch of grade schoolers.

The fact is that WMD's in small quantities are being found. But whether or not those "count" or if, in fact, it turns out that WMD intelligence was just plain wrong - wrong enough that virtually every intelligence agency in the world looked like a donkey - the elimination of Saddam and the Baathist terror was more than justification for the war.

The Bush and binLaden families in their various ramifications apparently have done some business. So what - do you really thing Bush Sr. and Jr. said, "Hey, tell your son Osama to go ahead and hit the WTC." Gee, I don't and I wouldn't even if the bin Ladens held the paper on the house at Kennebunkport.

I would be careful on say Cheney currently has any financial interest in any companies which are alledged to be ripping the taxpayers off. Deferred salary is some distance away from a financial interest.

Bush hating is a popular sport with the deep belief that somehow hatred of Bush means taking out Saddam is a bad thing.

Moore is the lightening rod for this sort of magic bean thinking and, as den Beste points out, that is a fantastic plus for the Republicans. The Dems, no matter how much they may want to cut the FB lose, are stuck with him because of the tremendous credibility his distortions have for the looney left of the party weaned as they are on conpiracy theory and the paranoid style in American politics.

The FB panders to the ignorant left and forces the Democratic Party along for the ride. Thus Billy Crystal makes jokes about 9/11 and Bush's IQ at a Democratic fundraiser with Kerry in attendance.