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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Worth reading

David Warren issolates the problem:
"Wahabi" refers to the most "puritanical" and "fundamentalist" Islamic creed or sect (all these Christian terms need important qualifications when applied to Muslims). It is the sect that most directly and literally embraces "the sword of Islam", the spiritual cause of spreading Islam by violence. But those who embrace the sword cannot be restricted to Wahabis. Even less can they be restricted to members of specific terror cells.

In the course of three years' intense study of the issue, I've become convinced that there is -- well, this is a slight exaggeration -- no such thing as "Al Qaeda". It is, more precisely, only a name applied vaguely to one of several financing and logistical arms of the Wahabi branch of what could more accurately be called the "Islamic Jihad". Not an army, nor a disciplined network of underground cells, but an historical movement -- and thus more comparable to something like "the Enlightenment" in the West, than to any organized militia. Not to say the Jihad shares ideals with the Enlightenment -- far from it -- but rather, it is similar in being a vast idealistic movement, consciously advanced by men who co-operate as and where they think they can be most effective -- but taking their orders, ultimately, not from men but from "the zeitgeist", or "Allah".
david warren