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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Do no evil

I am usually pretty impressed with Google but this is ridiculous:
IPO darling Google wants into the Chinese market,
“Google Inc.'s recently launched news service in China doesn't display results from websites blocked by that country's authorities, raising prickly questions for an on-line search engine that has famously promised to "do no evil."”

"Google has decided that in order to create the best possible search experience for our mainland China users we will not include sites whose content is not accessible," company spokeswoman Debbie Frost told the Associated Press.

The effect of blocking at the search engine level is, of course, that individuals in the censoring nation are denied the knowledge that there is any alternative to the official government version.

What people don't know they cannot work towards. The Chinese censorship, while pervasive, can be worked around by using proxy servers, mirror sites and techniques. But, if Google won't let a person know there is another side to a story then the job is that much harder.

Shame on Google.