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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


A bad bet

The Islamists have made a bet – that the West, in its twilight days, is too soft and decadent to muster the strength for this long struggle. Would you say the Britain on display to the world in the weeks before Mr Bigley's murder would have disabused them of that analysis or confirmed it?

Victim culture is now the default mode of our times. But Mr Bigley wasn't a victim. He was a combatant, even if he didn't know it. In a terrorist war, we are all potential combatants: we board a flight in Boston, we set off for work in Manhattan, we go clubbing in Bali, or to the bank in Istanbul, or to school in Beslan – and something happens. And, except for that last category, we should all be grown-up enough to understand that.
Last week Steyn wrote a column about poor Mr. Bigley who was beheaded by Islamists. He suggested that the mawkish sentimentality displayed by the British over Bigley's fate would only encourage the terrorists.

Now we have a report that,
A British-Iraqi woman who heads the Care International charity group in Iraq has been abducted in Baghdad, just over two weeks after kidnappers beheaded Kenneth Bigley.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Tuesday he would do everything possible to secure the release of Irish-born Margaret Hassan, who has dual British and Iraqi nationality and has lived in Iraq for about 30 years.
As Tony blair puts it,
"This is someone who has lived in Iraq for 30 years, someone who is immensely respected, someone who is doing her level best to help the country," said Blair.

"It shows you the type of people we are up against, that they are prepared to kidnap somebody like this."
The only thing to do with such people is kill them dead.