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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



After the recent unpleasantness, I've made some changes to my blogroll. A few additions, and one subtraction.
the monger
For the folks who think Mr. K is melting down in public to get hits.

And while your there watch the doctor disect the still twitching cadaver of Jimmy Carter, historian.
And it was, after all, an "unnecessary" war. I mean, if only Lincoln had listened better to Davis, the war of brother-against-brother would not have happened. Mind you, there'd be a few African slaves who might still have wished for war, but they don't matter. Kind of like thousands of dead Iraqi children. They don't matter, do they, Jimmy? Slaves and toddlers, kind of like bugs on the windshield as you race to claim your prize. Good on you, Jim! Thumbs up! (Or, in Iraqi terms, stumps up!) 4 out of 5 Tyrants say: "I love Jimmy!"
the monger