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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The End

The Kinsella kerfuffle has, for the moment, ended. Ian has posted a clarification and Kinsella has agreed to take no further action. Sean has removed the offending words in his post in exhange for Kinsella qualifying his more than a little overborad characterization of his detractors. I have posted a "lessons learned" piece over at Jim Elve's very valuable e-group.

Biggest lessons: stand your ground with bullies, the Canadian blogosphere will band together across party lines if one of its members is threatened with bogus legal action, bloggers are passionate about their right to express their opinions.

The strength of blogs lies in the network rather than any individual blog. Poke a stick into the hive and you are going to get stung.

Kinsella may want to get up to speed about blogging and he could do worse than to read the speech The Command Post's publisher Alan Nelson gave to the AP Managing Editors' convention:
Before the internet, information was governed by set distribution channels and gatekeepers … brokers … who decided who was able to have what. The stock broker had the price. The real estate agent had the prior housing report. The car salesman had your credit report.

And in news, the journalists had the facts, and the editors acted as brokers, making choices about what would be reported and what wouldn’t.

Not the case now. The Internet hates brokers. It KILLS brokers. Now, because of the Internet, everyone with a computer, an email address and a browser is a point of distribution … the only thing needed for information to “get out” is an interest on the part of one person to supply it, and a demand on the part of another person to have it.
the command post via instapundit