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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Hate Crime

I don't like thought crime legislation of any sort but there is always the exception:
The leader of a Vancouver mosque attended regularly by a local man reported killed in Chechnya has preached the virtues of jihad and called Jews "the brothers of monkeys and swine."...

Kathrada tells his audience the Qur'an and its accompanying writings view Jews as treacherous people with whom Muslims will engage in an apocalyptic battle.

"The prophet . . . said the final hour will not be established until such time as the Muslims will battle and will fight against the Jews," Kathrada says.

"Then what will happen? Listen to the good news after that. The prophet . . . says that the stone and the tree will say 'oh Muslim, oh slave of Allah, that verily behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him.' "
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No doubt this will make me even more of a bigot but I thin this man should be arrested and charged for inciting hatred. Call me crazy; but this is incitement and it may well have lead three kids to their deaths in Chechnya.

The man offers this defence:
Kathrada refused to explain the meaning behind the tirade against Jews.

"I guess if you heard the lecture then it should be clear to you," he said.

But he defended his characterization of Jews as treacherous monkeys and pigs.

"I guess no rougher than what is used against us," Kathrada said. "It's in our Qur'an."
Want to bet he's busted? didn't think you would.