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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



All bloggers can do is publicise that he has made the threats, which I think he will be very happy about. He may be nasty but he is not stupid. He wants to be known as a political bully, if only to sell his book about how to be a political bully. Postings like Instapundit's, and Cicada's, and mine, are probably the exact thing he wanted to get from his legal round robin.

What this ruckus does show is how important the Internet in general, and the Blogosphere in particular, are becoming in generating publicity. Kinsella, as the author of a book called Web of Hate, does not make the mistake of calling the Internet insignificant while simultaneously raging against it. But to all those who still say that the Internet in general and the Blogosphere in particular do not count for anything, this row will be one more item of evidence under the general heading of 'You Wish'. I mean, if politicians do not rate bloggers, why do they threaten to sue bloggers when bloggers say things they do not like?
This from England. I had thought Kinsella might just be doing this for the hype - but he seems to be winding it down and, were it just for the hype, he could spin for at least another week.