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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


It's Only Castles Burning

Technological change has always had profound social consequences, but few inventions in history have caused more political and cultural change than movable type printing. Before Gutenberg, "truth" and "history" were largely properties of the Christian Church (and there was only one Christian Church, then).

Movable type printing took away control over "the truth" from the Church and placed it in the hands of a secular elite.

Now the Internet is taking away that secular elite's control over "the truth" and giving it to the broad populus.

That's the connection. Everything you listed is a side effect of that fundamental change.
steve den beste at pressthink
Politically, in Canada, we are about five years behind our American friends in using the internet to demolish the MSM monopoly. But on the internet that can be caught up pretty quick.