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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Kinsella threatens legal action

This disturbs me - a lot:
Upon threat of legal action from the wise, courageous, and apparently unchallengeable Warren Kinsella, I have pulled my previous post.

I'm not a lawyer, like Warren Kinsella, LL.B. I don't know if what I wrote meets the legal definition of defamation, and I can't afford to find out, so I've deleted the post.

But you know what? My hundred readers or so don't need my incoherent babblings to tell them what sort of a person Kinsella is. His actions speak far louder than my words.

Consider me bullied, Warren. For now.
babbling brooks
Now I have not read Damian's post and, to be fair to Kinsella, it might suggested there was evidence of Kinsella's hand in the Abscam cookie jar. But, short of that, it is difficult to imagine what would have got Kinsella's knickers in such a knot.

Apparently, and I rely upon Don's excellent summary at the Politics E-group bully Kinsella also sent a threatening letter to Patrick at the Shamrocks blog.

Kinsella himself writes - and he still does not have permalinks -
Oh, and I have received a very nice letter from one of the many lawyers helping out the Gomery Commission, indicating I might get asked to pop by “in the near future.” Personally, I can't wait. I don't know anything about sponsorship, but I sure know a lot about a particular company!
Which is the right way to respond to a lawyer'e letter if you do not feel - or believe at law - you have done anything wrong.

What is unfortunate about Kinsella's bullying tactics is that most people cannot cheerfully say, "and fuck you too, see you in Court". They have neither the knowledge of the law nor the money to hire a lawyer who does.

The enviornmental movement has a name for this sort of legal bullying - "slap suits". Of course Warren has not actually filed suit. He got what he wanted with the weight of his stationary alone.

The rules have not changed much since grade school - bullies get what they want until regular kids stand up to them.