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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Notes from a Blog Reader

When Neil Postman insisted that we were entertaining ourselves to death by watching instead of participating, I did not want to believe that democracy was as fragile as an advertisement. The misinformation campaigns are funded by billionaires with more to gain and the means of confronting them are limited to words from individuals who believe that nothing is more powerful than the dual forces of bias declared and bullshit exposed. Only blogs retain the livid democracy of text in a world consumed by the tyranny of image.
Kate baggott, globe and mail

If there is a reason to write a blog it is to fight against a world dominated by the post literate, post typographic, mind. There are real issues which cannot be reduced to a sound bite or a picture. Stepping away from cartoon politics and, with luck, exposing their practitioners, is a key function of blogging.