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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Office Done, Template to follow

It was a glorious weekend on the island. Sunny, warm, wonderful. Our neighbour had an improptu picnic lunch for ten on one of the terraces and it felt very much like we were in a votka commercial - well except for the babies and kids running around.

So I worked on pushing my office (well closet with a computer) to completion rather than sitting inside and swearing at Blogger which, after all, is kind enough to host this for free.

We are heading into winter. Here that means a lot of rain, a bit of cold and the sunlight shortening day on day. It also means a lot of writing and research and blogging.

The American election is going to occupy some space here. I am fairly certain Bush will be re-elected. Not because he is outstanding; rather because the Democrats have picked a man just slightly more limited than Bush. Again.

But I also want to spend a lot more time looking at culture and technology and thinking about the happy idea of asymetrical federalism. (A situation which, arguably, has been the silent and hidden agenda of Canadian federalism since Trudeau.)

And, to cast a hostage to fortune, I want to take a look at actually creating an Urban Conservative Magazine online. Worthy as the Western Standard is, there is simply no way it is reaching past the Conservative/Reform base. Maisonneuve, The Walrus: online David Beers The Tyee are all magazines of the left which try to go beyond the left and into the culture. I think that - and a sense of humour - is possible on the right.