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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Oh Joy it is to be Alive

A few rightist knuckle-dragging nutbars - like this one, who actually proudly calls HIMSELF "a bigot" - are a-twitter
warren kinsella
Not often do I have the pleasure of signing on to the internet and having a man who defines hypocrisy refer to me as a rightist and a nutbar in the same sentence. Welcome Kinfellas!

Scroll down for details of how our hero has been using bloggers to slime Mr. Justice Gomery through his family. Or just click here to be whisked to the permalink - a feature that the somewhat technically - as well as ethically - challenged Mr. K might want to consider installing.

For folks just tuning in, Mr. K's absurd legal threats are detailed below as well but you might want to read this post for background. Out here in blogland we refer to a letter from Mr. K as getting the KLAPP.

Anyone wanting to check out "rightist knuckle dragger" may want to pop over to my Long Posts Blog for lots and lots of evidence.

And Mr. K is absolutely right, I did write the words "OK, I'm a bigot." I realize context is of little importance to a big, burley shitkicker like Warren; but I assume, gentle reader, that you read Warren for amusement rather than information so I provide that link.

Other than that, enjoy your stay, read lots, have fun.