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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


On the Left Losing

I have been reading some Australian blogs to catch a flavour of the aftermath of Howard's historic victory. I ran across this which, I think, has caught the Left through out the world,
In the wake of Howard's election victory, I've been hanging about in some left-wing discussion threads, largely with a view to gloating but also to study the range of reactions.

One thing that strikes me is the unshakeable certainty of their own moral and intellectual superiority that pervades the left-wing mindset, even when every factual indicator screams the opposite.

If they lose an election, it's not because their policies were crap, it's because the voters are stupid. That's the arrogant, elitist attitude that gets up people's noses, and which has resulted in the failure of the Republic referendum and the Labor Party's long relegation to the Federal Opposition benches.

There is no questioning of fundamental values or philosophies here; only a mind-numbing faith in existing doctrines, and a conviction that all that's needed is the right tactic and victory will result.

It's disturbing to see such stupidity in people who would be considered intelligent by other measures. Some on the Left might develop the maturity to question their own assumptions; the rest will be left behind by history.