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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Pumpkin Carving

Take fifty kids of all ages, a bunch of pumpkins and large numbers of sharp objects and you might have a disaster. Or a wonderful community event. I spent the afternoon with Sam carving the world's smallest pumpkin with an exacto knife and good company. A leaf fight followed which ensured that my fatherly duty of bringing Sam home rosy cheeked and covered in mud was discharged. I am actually sick as a dog but I was not going to miss this.

The best of it was that while the parents were there, the hovering parental supervision wasn't. Part of the charm of Galiano is that you don't worry about traffic/child molesters in the way that you do in the city. You keep an eye out; but mostly you let your nearly four year old have as much fun as he possibly can. Which is a lot and a blessing.