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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Res Ipsa Loquitur

Another mouth-breather wrote about all of this outrageous, Stalinist suppression of the constitutional rights of morons, and he decided to slander my parents (my parents!) in a way that was cruel and cowardly and sick. I demanded that be taken down, too. He wouldn't, and now he is about to learn all about litigation, and all about how focused I can truly be.
warren kinsella
Well the first thing Kinsella might focus on is the difference between slander and libel. And while he is sorting out those definitions he might want to read a sentence or two further and see whether or not the remarks in question, set as they are in a rhetorical question in quotation marks and followed by "and of course, I DON'T REALLY think either of your parents were retarded.." is going to past muster as a libel even without invoking the defence of "fair comment".

That said, Kinsella really needs to give his head a shake and consider whether bringing an action on such flimsy grounds will cover him in glory or make him look the fool.

Kinsella is no stranger to personal attacks. Sean over at Polspydetails his nasty attack on David Janes. He is perfectly willing to put the boots in: in fact as his backcover blurb below, proves, he thinks he's pretty good at it.

Like most bullies, when challenged, Kinsella stamps his little feet and threatens to hold his breath until he looks as drunk as he looks in this picture,(displayed on his blog),

unless he gets his way. If thwarted he goes to law.

OK Warren, it's time for you to GROW UP. The alternative is that you are going to lose a really silly libel action, drag your poor mother through the Courts and be laughed at from one end of the country to the other. (And world wide as this is just the sort of story the blogosphere loves. Nealenews has it up. Instapundit links to the BlogsCanada Egroup)

Here's your climb down. "I over-reacted to a number of posts at a number of blogs. I am sorry. Post as you will but try to be fair."

That's it. Otherwise people are going to draw their own conclusions and realize that your actions expose you as a bully, a hypocrite and man who ceased to matter the day Paul Martin became the Leader of the Liberal Pary.

Your call.