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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Sean Rebuts Kinsella so I don't have to

As to the sorts of things that I get offended by, I would put Mr. Kinsella’s treatment of Damian Brooks and Ian Scott high on that list (I can’t speak to Patrick McClarty’s original post that caused the issue as I did not see it). I’m a firm believer in free speech, and Mr. Kinsella’s actions of late are horribly abusive to notions that I hold rather dearly. Threatening individuals with meritless lawsuits merely to stifle dissent is an abuse of our country’s legal processes. As a professional lawyer, he should know better. Shame on Warren Kinsella for dragging his profession into the mud.
Go read the whole thing. If Kinsella had written as well a reasoned, intelligent and funny response to the bloggers he would have come out the bigger man, as it is he leaves himself open to this commentary from an American commentor at the BlogsCanada Egroup
I have no idea who Mr. Kinsella is or what he does, but from the looks of this, he needs to grow some stones and quit crying. Threatening to sue your political opponents because they accuse the policies you support of causing bad, unintended consequences is fair game.

It sounds to me like this little man would last about three minutes in American politics.
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