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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Slate for Kerry; but look at the reasons

The boffins at Slate, with a couple of exceptions (who, interestingly enough, are most directly involved in covering the WOT) are all voting for Kerry. But the reasons and the reservations are fascinating.

Virtually all of the Slatesters are voting aginst Bush and, on two run throughs, I could not find a single one who was voting for Kerry. Mostly they are appologetic and apprehensive about voting Kerry.

Now, the folks at Slate are in the thick of day to day policy debates. They breathe the rarified political air of biggish media. It would be astonishing if they were not backing Kerry. But the reluctance, the absence of any real commitment to Kerry suggests to me that Bush is in better shape than I had thought.

If the people pumping out Slate can't find it in themselves to vote for Kerry rather than against Bush, the Democratic campaign will remained stalled among the millions of people who are not nearly so wired.