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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Sully Watch

Ann Althouse - who must be sleeping with Glenn Reynolds for all the linkage he gives her - is sensing the same wobbles over in Andrew Sullivan land,
Sullivan hasn't declared his support for Kerry yet? I guess I don't read him enough anymore to have noticed he hasn't literally declared his support. I do read him enough to know he's "excitable." He used to idolize Bush so much. Maybe in the end, he's going to find his way back to Bush!
ann althouse
Which way Sully jumps is not all that important except in the sense of wanting to see if his outrage at Bush's support for the FMA will trump his fundamental doubt that Kerry has any clue about the war on terror.

The nuisance remark of Johnny Cambodia's is on practically every blog I read. Just a dumb thing to have said.