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Jay Currie

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Urban Conservative title suggestions

Over at Let it Bleed a discussion has broken out about a title for the Urban Conservative. Bob kicked it off with, "I think it's a grand idea, but one desperately in need of a new moniker". So far my favorite is,
For the Anglophiles, I would suggest "Locke and Loaded," the former being a great British thinker and the latter being a UK lad mag (it's a few notches below FHM or Maxim in terms of literate content but still occasionally entertaining, and also more open to bare breasts than its rivals). BTW: there's nothing wrong with clubbing seals. When I was young, back in Newfoundland, all of our baseballs were made of sealskin just so we could prepare ourselves for adulthood while at play.
But I have to like "Fascist Farm Report" Rick McGinnis who thinks this would ping the irony meter.

Bob himself, for reasons known only to himself, suggests "Billy".