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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


What's wrong with another election?

Crisis, what crisis,
In announcing that a deal had been reached, Minister of Transport Jean Lapierre told reporters in the lobby of the House of Commons that a crisis had been averted, this time. But, "this is not a funny chicken game," he said.
The defeat of the Liberals in the House is a when not if proposition. So what?

If the Liberals are defeated Chuck Cadman - the new Minister of whatever the hell he wants - will give a Tory/Bloc coalition enough votes to form a government. They govern for, say, a year and call an election. Or we have an election right now.

Again, so what. Most Canadians did not vote for a Liberal government. Having another election will give us a second chance to throw what, from the Throne Speech, is a clearly tired bunch of hacks out of office.

I'm just trying to see the downside here...nope, there is no downside.