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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


What's wrong with Canadians

The knockout punch may well come from the American electorate in less than four weeks who, in spite of two convincing performances by Kerry and two comically bad o­nes by Bush, are still poised to re-elect Bush by a comfortable margin. I desperately hope that they come to their senses and, as Bush himself implored, look at their records. But the decision ultimately rests in the hands of the American public and that, more than anything else, makes me worry.
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Max Fawcett doesn't like George Bush. Fair enough. He also doesn't like democracy. He - along with virtually the entire Canadian media and much of the American - just can't imagine how Americans could be so dumb as to re-elect Bush. How could they?

This was much the same sentiment we saw in our own election when it looked like, disreagarding the advice of their betters, Canadians might be thinking of giving an extremist like Stephen Harper a whirl.

From a left elite perspective a George Bush or a Stephen Harper represent the sort of people who just don't get the importance of accepting the decline of the West as just deserts. Both men do not seem to accept the social concensus which allow political elites to get on with the task of governing. These are the sort of men who would cut taxes to stave off a recession. Dear Lord, when will it end.

I have not watched the Presidential debates. I am not inclined to think they are terribly important in this particular election where the choice is so clear.

If you believe that the 8/11 world can be remade then you should vote for Kerry. If you believe as I believe that 9/11 world means there can be no compromise, no failure of will, no pandering to bribed "allies" and corrupt international bureaucrats, then Bush is your only option.

I am not and have never been a great admirer of Bush. I don't think he is ruthless enough and I don't have much time for some of his fiscal policies and none at all for his pandering to his socon base. But those are details; the key thing is that Bush understands the fact America is at war. Kerry, on his record and on his statements in the campaign, has not got a clue.

And, Max Fawcett notwithstanding, the American People know it.