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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Yup, It's a Meme

Over at The Tyee Michael Fellman,the house American politics analyst gives the Kerry debate turnaround another kick. I commented,

Yikes, it's the meme...Yes, Kerry the closer. Turnaround time. For the next thirty days we are going to be told by an increasingly frantic MSM that now Kerry is taking the gloves off, letting it rip.

The problem with that scenario is that the pros in the Democratic party are pulling advertising in states like Virgina, looking at post debate polls which leave Bush with a 3-5 point lead and, most importantly, have already corraled the entire 43% of likely voters who would vote for a fence post rather than Bush. Clever of the Dems to have given their base that option rather than an actual candidate like Dean.)

Kerry is a compromise between the Moore Dem base and the Clinton pros. It finally dawned on him a week or two ago that he was going to lose his base if he didn't actually come right out and say that he was against the War in Iraq despite all of his prior statements of support for the invasion.

You don't have to like Bush or his policies or his deficits or his frat boy bonhomie to realize that Kerry is possibly the worst Dem candidate since Gunner Dukakis reported for duty.

The Americans, and the rest of us, need better candidates. But Kerry's tendancy to self inflicted wounds seems to have dogged him from the swamps of Cambodia, er Viet Nam, to his mondo goofy salute at the podium of the Democratic convention. Now, the best that can be said of his debate performance is that he beat Bush in the last hour when a little less than half the initial viewers were watching.

No doubt that cheered up the base and the DU/Indymedia/Moore end of the party; but the effect of that will be to deny Ralph Nader 3% in thirty states. It will not help beat Bush.

Meantime, a fair number of the Clintonesta pros have, to coin a phrase, moved on. Hillary, having passed the poison chalice to Johnny Cambodia, is hiring.