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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



Of course it serves me right for going to CBS for "news". CBS no longer is in the "news" business,
U.S. troops backed by thunderous air and artillery barrages launched a ground offensive Monday to seize key insurgent strongholds inside Fallujah, the city that became Iraq's major sanctuary for Islamic extremists who fought Marines to a standstill last April.
Surely it is not beyond the resources of Rather and Co. to do the few minuted research, or even to remember, that the Marines were called off prior to taking Fallujah last April. For domestic Iraqui political reasons a negotiated truce with tribal leaders marked an end to the fighting. Which, frankly, was a mistake.

But the happy idea that lightly armed terrorists fought the Marines to a standstill makes about as much sense as memos compoased in Word in the 1970's - but, hey, that worked didn't it.