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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Decriminalization and the Tories are still clueless

The Liberals have introduced a bill to decriminalize pot possession.
The bill decriminalizes possession of less than 15 grams of pot or fewer than four plants, making the offences punishable with fines rather than criminal charges, while calling for harsher penalties against marijuana grow-ops by doubling maximum prison terms to 14 years from the current seven.
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I am inclined to think the 4 plant rule is a bit low, ten would make more sense. I am also inclined to think raising the maximum jail time for grow ops will have zero deterrent effect as no judge will impose that penalty for growing a drug which has been made essentially legal.

However, what is really astonishing is just how dumb the Conservative Justice critic sounds on the issue,
"How does this government guarantee us there won't be retaliatory action by the Americans?" asked Conservative justice critic Vic Toews. "I'm very concerned they are going ahead on this without taking into concern the real impact that this will have on trade."
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If you had to take a position designed to alienate as many Canadians as possible, this is it. It is none of the American's business if we reject their drug warrior stance on pot. If the Americans want to keep throwing their kids in jail for smoking pot that is their problem. But if they want to export those policies to Canada they should be told, firmly, to suck rocks.

Vic Toews' remarks leave the Tories looking like they want to keep jailing pot smokers in Canada to keep our trade with the US up to snuff. Problem is that the Americans, on BSE, softwood and a host of other issues do not seem to take our drug laws into consideration.

Toews just looks like he, and his party, are pandering to the looney anti-drug lobby in the States. A position which has literally no political support in Canada. Dumb.