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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



Your morning newspaper, and certainly not the CBC will not tell you this; but President Bush has been convincingly re-elected. Unctous talking heads, fresh from melting down as they discovered that the exit polls were not, in fact God's word, (and I am told Dan Rather and Judy Woodruff were a scream) will be piously intoning that despite having won the popular vote by 4 million votes, W's fate is hanging in Ohio.

This is not true. With 99% of the vote counted Bush has a lead of 135,000 votes. But what about the provisionals? The yammerheads are all saying that a flock of lawyers are landing and they are going to make every provisional, which all went to Kerry of course, stick and be counted.

Well, here's why the fat lady is singing, the Secretary of State in Ohio put up a list of the provisional ballots issued: at the moment (1:04 AM) it lists 95,355. Soooo. Even if they all broke for Kerry, he'd still lose. In fact, the best guess is that they will break 70/30 and, for fun, let's say the final count is 100,000. Johnny Cambodia loses.

And remember, the flock of high priced legal help flying in for Kerry will be vieing for airspace with the flock of legal help flying in for remember, the guy who won the election by 4 million votes.

When you read blogs you get information which is up to the minute. but you miss the sight of heads exploding...or do you...There is always Daily Kos. Here's a mild sample, it goes on and on...
Why is it that New York, the state that was attacked on 9/11 (and is probably the most in danger of being attacked again) is so decidedly
pro-Kerry, but the stupid idiot hick states like Texas and Oklahoma,
where there is no chance of a terrorist attack, is so pro bush because
of fear of terrorism??