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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Drawing some lines in Holland

What we should have debated is the fact that somebody started murdering because Mr. Van Gogh used a constitutional right. That is the matter at hand, and we had better realize it soon.
Mr. Van Gogh did, and he was murdered for holding immigrants accountable, thereby giving them a chance to be more independent than they could ever be under the traditional degrading Dutch spoon feeding approach.
It's no wonder so many immigrants don't respect us.
And it's no wonder a member of a fascist religious group killed the one person who wanted to emancipate the same minorities he and his cult want to oppress - and do, in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.
A demagogue could argue that Dutch PBS by its attitude is in a sense complicit in Mr. Van Gogh's death, as PBS and Van Gogh's murderer Mohamed B. in a way both try to control minorities and silence Mr. Van Gogh, one apres la lettre, the other in a more literal sense. Then again, I don't want to give Dutch PBS the satisfaction of the self-blame they could extract from such a rebuking.
Besides, perhaps Dutch PBS will eventually want to debate the virtues of treating new Dutch citizens as adults. At least, after another few murders or so.
The Dutch are getting fairly fed up with their elite's attitude towards Muslim immigration and assimilation. This is not a view confined to Holland.