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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Endgame in Fallujah

A week ago the Americans launched the attack on Fallujah. Late. Late enough that some insurgents have bolted. Late enough that other flareups are happening in Mosul and other towns. But the Marines are now dealing with the last of the battle.
"We control 90 percent, but the 10 percent that's left is the most difficult," said Capt. Erik Krivda, a member of Task Force 2-2 tactical operations command from Gaithersburg.

U.S. and Iraqi security forces have been battling fighters in this insurgent stronghold since ground troops followed a barrage of artillery fire into the city Monday night. Dawood said that more than 1,000 insurgents had been killed and 200 captured. A militia group, the Army of Mohammad, reported that 73 fighters had been killed.
washington post
The effect of the fall of Fallujah is a step in the path towards hunting down and killing the Sunni and foreign insurgents. It is a long way from over.