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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



The truth in America, and in Britain, is that the Left-liberal axis has lost its way: it has failed to notice that its "liberalism" has become an off-putting orthodoxy with which most people do not identify.
janet daley, telegraph
I like the word, "orthodoxy". At a certain point the whole edifice of political correctness, group rights, identity politics and victimology became etched in political stone. The Left-lberal axis became deeply reactionary as it defended kumbaya culture against all comers. If you were not sipping the kool aid you were ignorant, a bigot.

This was not calculated to win friends in the electorate which, realistically, didn't matter to the axis but did matter to their leaders who were trying to win elections. While the Left-lib base found ever more reasons to blame themselves for the ills of the world their orthodoxy became ever more ornate. Kerry's crushing defeat suggests the beginning of the collapse of that orthodoxy under the wieght of its own contradictions.