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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Fallujah Falling

It will take a while, but as Belmont Club notes, the american forces, with Iraqi support, have penetrated to the center of Fallujah. The opposition are meeting tanks with rifles, mortars and RPGs. Nightfall brings no respite as it is the preferred time for the night vision equiped Americans to go hunting.

Fallujah is a foregone conclusion in one sense - the Americans will win. But the open question is how well they will be able to minimize their casualties. Encouragingly, the American casualties appear relatively lights at this point. My sense is that no one is sparing the ammunition. Apparently the orders of the day are to level any building where there is any sign of enemy fire.

The sad thing is that this attack could have been carried out in April. Seven months of digging in will mean more US troops will be killed than there would have been in April. Politics is never the friend of the soldier on the ground.