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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Grumpy in Canada

Paul Martin wants to make the Yukon, Muckluck and whatever the hell the other territory's name is provinces...someday. I cannot imagine anything which is a less pressing issue.

Of course, when it comes to issues you have to hand it to the boys in Newfoundland. They figure that the only basis for negotiation on the offshore oil royalties - which they are not actually entitled to consitutionally - is that they get 100% of the royalties and keep their equalization. From have not to super province in a decade. Give your heads a shake boys. If you take the revenue you lose the equalization. I mean it is not as if God himself said "And Newfoundland shall always be poor enough to get equalization - even when it isn't."

Meanwhile, Stockwell Day continues to be an ornament to the Conservative cause,
Stockwell Day is pointing to a published report that includes the suggestion that Yasser Arafat had AIDS in explaining why he didn't send condolences on the death of the PLO leader.
As regular readers know I am delighted that the Troll of RamallahTM is dead. I posted as to Frum's speculation that he may have had AIDS. But why would the Conservative FP critic not send condolences if it was AIDS?

One might be tempted to skip the condolences because Arafat was a murdering terrorist SOB who destroyed the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people by repeatedly lying his face off; but since when is death by AIDS a reason not to send condolences?

The Tories really are remarkably flatfooted, not to say dumb. This needs to change or we will have another delightful few years of the Liberals.